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What is E CHAIN BAY ?!

Hello dear reader ! like us you show  interest in the crypto currency development . so, what exactly is ?!

 Go to  is a Global Platform for Auctions & Listings . All prices here are shown in USD but all the transactions are made with Bitcoin or any other crypto currency available or accepted by seller. Here you can list all your stuff or tour services or any other type of anouncement ready to sell for Bitcoin or Alt Coins . You can do  direct payment to seller ( only if you trust seller) or you can acces the "Escrow" service ( available from 12th january 2018) . 

All Listings & Auctions are free until 12th jan 2018 . 

This site is in Beta Version until January 2018 . 
Complete version will have Chat & ESCROW 

 go to

Please be careful what you Buy & Sell !!!
( NO DRUGS , NO Human Traffic , NO Abusive Content )

Thanks for visiting our blog !
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There is a New platform in town for selling goods only in crypto curency with in-house Escrow System . Check out

Free Classfieds & Aucttions until 1 december  2017 . Go For It ! Thank me later !

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Free Listings & Auctions until 12th jan 2018
Visit and Sell & Buy with crypto ( any crypto currency )