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Sell Your Stuff for Bitcoin and other crypto currency

we know that everybody want to hold crypto currency values like bitcoin or ethereum but it's kind of hard to buy it because bitcoin is 6000$ !!! so what you can do to get some bitcoins ?! There is a new Listing & Auctions Platform that accept only crypto currenci . so if you have some stuff for sell try this market : . Buy & Sell Market only crypto currency .
it's free until January 1st 2018

Global Crypto Currency Market

Buy & Sell for Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dash / Ethereum / IOTA / NEM / Ripple / ZCash / Monero / Alt Coins


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A New Crypto Market for Anything and Anywhere

We all need a Market Place for buy & sell Stuff online with crypto currency .
                                                         watch video ( click play )

Visit :    Free Listings & Auctions !


Many believe that Gold has a new competitor in the form of Bitcoin.
In the digital world, investors are preferring to invest in Bitcoin as a safe investment. But the size of the total market is so small, that it is not even one per cent of gold’s market. Bitcoin has a market cap of $60 billion (Dh220.3 billion), and is increasing at a rapid pace every minute, whereas gold has a market cap of $7 trillion.
“People talk of Bitcoin as the new digital gold 2.0. Despite the fact that we have reached an all-time high, Bitcoin is only about $55 billion of worldwide value,” said BTCC chief executive officer Bobby Lee.

Room for appreciation But unlike gold, experts feel that Bitcoin has more upside. “All the asset classes are at trillion-dollar levels. Gold itself is at $7 trillion, and many of the assets classes are much higher. Bitcoin is just 1 per cent of all the gold out there. I think, as a substitute for gold, Bitcoin has a room for a lot of price appreciation,” Lee said. For example, go…

What is Crypto Currency ?

Many ask this question : What is Crypto Currency ?

Watch this video & check out Wikipedia first